Quotas for temporary residence in 2020, Moscow

Russia allocates a certain number of quotas for temporary residence each year. It depends on each region, where population density depends on how many people can move to the region. If the density is high, then the quotas will be less; if the population density is lower, then the quotas will be more. However, the number also depends on whether any official resettlement programs are being implemented.

      In 2020, 60,270 quotas for TRP were issued.

In сompared with 2019, the quota for TRP in 2020 were issued less in 23210.

Unfortunately, the law does not provide grounds for issuing quotas. In other words – there are no clear criteria / documents that could guarantee obtaining quota. For this reason, despite the fact that any foreign citizen has the right to receive a quota, in practice this is not the case, and the quota is not issues to everyone, not always, and not at the first time.

If you have any questions regarding obtaining quotas for TRP, please contact us, w are open to help you out.


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