There are two ways of obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit (TRP)

Through the quota system
Outside the quota system

Outside the Quota System

1. For applicant who is married to Russian citizen.
2. For applicant who has Russian citizen child under 18 years old.
3. For applicant whose parents are pensioners and are Russian citizens.
Other category of applicants for a Temporary Residence Permit should go through the quota system.
On receiving a Temporary Residence Permit, foreign citizens get the following number of obligations and advantages:
• privilege of staying in the RF for a period up to 3 years long
• privilege of taking up employment without having work permit, but only in the region of the RF where the TRP was issued.

List of documents for application for TRP outside the quota system

• For foreign nationals from the CIS countries, click here
• For foreign nationals from visa regime countries, click here