Foreign Citizens

Foreign citizens from visa regime countries may enter or exit Russia without a visa, and can take up employment in any region of Russia without a Work Permit.
The period of validation of Residence Permit is five years. In order to extend the validation of Residence Permit, one should submit a set of necessary documents no later than six months before the current Residence Permit expires.

Highly Qualified Specialist

For the HQS (Highly Qualified Specialist) there is a simplified procedure for obtaining Residence Permit. This type of applicants may submit their application forms at once, without a need to obtain a Temporary Residence Permit first. The period for application procedure is reduced from six months to three months, but validation of Residence Permit is given for up to 3 years based on the validation of work permit.

Obligation of Residence Permit Holders

Registration procedure should be done within 7 business days from the date of receiving Residence Permit.
Annual notification of their residence in Russia, at the migration department of the MVD