If a foreign citizen has Temporary Residency Permit, he\she can work legally without a work permit, but only in the region of issuing the TRP.

If a foreign citizen has Permanent Residency Permit he\she can work legally in any region of Russia without a work permit.

Applicants who fall within the State Program for Assistance With Voluntary Relocation to the Russian Federation – for ethnic Russians who are living abroad, and similarly for their families – and are relocating (with their families) to Russia.

Staff of foreign corporations (whether manufacturers or suppliers) carrying out assembly work (head of assembly), servicing or warranty contracts, along with post-warranty work for technical equipment supplied or delivered to Russia.

Accredited staff members of Representative Offices of foreign corporations which are registered in the Russian Federation in accordance with prevailing legislation, and within the authorised quota numbers that were approved at the time of accreditation of such authorised Representative Offices, based on the principles of reciprocity in accordance with international agreements of the Russian Federation.

Journalists who hold appropriate journalistic accreditation in the Russian Federation.

Staff of diplomatic missions; staff of Consular missions of foreign countries in the Russian Federation; employees of international organisations; and the private domestic staff of such individuals strictly restricted to diplomatic missions.

Citizens of the countries of the EurAsian Econoic Union (The Republic of Belarus; the Republic of Kazakhstan; Armenia; and Kyrgyzstan) in accordance with international agreements.

Teachers – with the exception of individuals whose arrival in Russia is connected with teaching activities in religious seminaries, or theological schools.

Students at vocational or higher-educational institutions in Russia, who hold State accreditation, who are taking up work during their vacations.

Students of vocational or higher-educational institutions in Russia, who hold State accreditation, who are working outside their study program in their free time at such institutions, at business organisations or business partnerships established by the budgetary or autonomous institutions of higher education where they study

individuals who are not yet 14 years old, within the sphere of film-making, theatre, theatrical or concert organisations, circuses, and similar, on the condition of written authorisation of at least one parent (with an official representative or guardian).

Sports participants and athletes younger than 18 years of age.

Foreign citizens, coming to the Russian Federation for a period of not more than thirty days, for the purpose of touring activities in the entertainment or cultural industries (the organisation and operation under civilian contracts of events in which foreign nationals in artistic, cultural or performance activities or involved in the public performance of works of literature, art, or folklore).