About Work Visa

Work visa process is a step, that every foreign citizen (except CIS citizens) face it.

Foreign citizens from far abroad have to obtain working visa in order to work in Russia.

Having a labor activity without a work visa is the crudest violation of the migration law.

Work visa also gives an advantage to a foreign citizen to register vehicles for the validity of the visa.

Work Visa to The Russian Federation

In order to employ foreign citizens, an employing company should get permission to employ, and submits a set of documents for an individual permit. The procedure lets the company obtaining a single work invitation with a period of 90 days.

The employing company sends the work invitation to foreign employee, and the last applies to the Russian consulate in the country of his\her permanent residence to obtain a single visa.

On arriving to Russia the company changes his\her single visa to multiple based on the validity of his\her work permit

Regarding highly qualified specialist, the procedure of obtaining multiple visa is easier, they get their multiple work visa for 3 years at once in the consulate of the Russian Federation.

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