Highly Qualified Specialists

As the article 13.2 of the Federal law states, there is a type of employees known as Highly Qualified Specialists, that the salary for them should be not less than 2 million rubles per year, which comes to not less than 167 000 rubles per month. This type of work visa can be applied both for the citizens of CIS or visa regime countries. Work visas as well as work permits for this type of employment are given for three years, and are totally outside the quota system.

An obligation

An important aspect is, that the employer should send notification of concluding employment contract with the foreign citizen to the MVD within 3 business days, (this applies for all the foreign citizens)
Another duty of the employer is every quarter should send quarterly report of the HQS salary to the MVD issuing the work permit.


In case of cancelling the employment contract for any reason, the employer is obliged to send notification of cancelling the employment contract within 3 business days.

The advantages of HQS for both employees and employers

For submission of documents

a simplified procedure of submitting the documents, outside the quota system.

A simplified set of documents to be submitted

Work Permits can be issued for several region of Russia at the same time

The validity period of the Work Permit can be for up to 3 years

Paper processing period for the Work Permit application is reduced to 16 days

The Work Visa is issued by the Consular Representation of the RF abroad for the entire period of the invitation's validity

In cases, where the foreign applicant has previously held a working visa from a former employer, it can be reassigned to the new company without requiring the applicant to leave the RF

Family members of the HQS

For submission of documents

HQS Specialists have a wider list of family members, who may accompany them, and get visas for the same period as the HQ Specialists have.

Family members of HQS have the right to work legally just holding their family member visa, with a simple documentary procedure.

Registration procedure

HQ Specialists as well as their family members have the advantage to register within 90 days from the date of their arrival to Russia


As far as taxation of HQS, they pay 13% income tax from their first day of work.
Employer pays only FCC tax – which is normally 0.2%.

Permanent residence for the HQS

Highly Qualified Specialist and their family members have the right to apply for Permanent Residency going through a simplified procedure based on the validity period of their Work Permits.